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    Shame in Medicine

    Posted in: Physician Wellness

    I have been thinking about shame lately, both on a personal and professional level, and about its role in our lives. It seems that, just like stress, shame does have a place in cultures that is both positive and negative.  With stress, too little tension ...

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    Job Boards

    Posted in: Membership

    Hello! Texas Medical Association is exploring job board vendors. We have narrowed the list and I would love to talk with anyone who is using YM Careers or Webb Scribble. I you would be agreeable to a quick call or discussion by email, please let me know. ...

  • Posted in: Physician Wellness

    Hats off to all the medical societies who helped add resources to this AMA Advocacy Resource Center Issue Brief on Physician Health and Well-Being. Topics covered include: Medical Board Licensing questions pertaining to mental health, physician health ...

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